Recruiting & Onboarding

Recruitment technology built with the experience in mind

Collaborative, intuitive and experience-led. In today’s competitive talent environment, recruiting software has to do it all.

Saba recruiting software is the engine that your organization needs to bring in top talent and engage them from the very first moment of contact. We implement solutions that provide a captivating, personalized and intuitive experience for candidates, recruiters, hiring managers and other stakeholders. We understand that today’s recruitment teams need to operate like marketers, source like headhunters and interpret information like data scientists, so we’ve developed a platform to help them do just that.

And of course, as a cloud-based solution, we enable recruitment teams to do all of this on any device, at any time.

Build the perfect recruiting strategy today

Candidate-Centric Approach

Show your candidates that you put them first with an engaging applicant experience built around their needs.

Real-time insights

Make informed decisions and get a holistic view of your entire recruitment process, without the need for number crunching.

Build Employer Brand

Encourage candidates to come to you by building a digital-first experience that promotes your culture, values and people.

Keep New Hires Engaged

Create an onboarding experience that keeps pre-hire interest piqued, integrates new people seamlessly and reduces early attrition.

How to configure your HRIS for success

Download our step by step guide to ensure a smooth implementation of your HRIS system and set your business up for success.

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